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Heart Shaped Mistakes

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

What do you call a relationship that has a tendency of being one-sided?, One-sided not just in one way but both ways, One-sided for one because they only see a benefit, & one-sided for the other because they're blinded. What are they blinded by? Love?, Intent?, How does one cure blindness,? Advice from loved ones,? Pain,? Ambition,? So many questions when it comes down to the heart shape. Are they worth answering? Or would seeking the answer(s) leave you far away from home. Some would argue that finding the answers would set you free, But what does free mean? A free mind? Free as the open sky? or just free enough to move on from someone holding you back.

Even more questions, & some would say there's not enough answers. What happens when you find the answers to these questions ? But more importantly, HOW do you find the answers to these questions ?. So sick and tired of making these HEART SHAPED MISTAKES... Until we meet again.

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