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The Long Game

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

What do you call a journey that consists of ambition, persistence & determination to change a circumstance but everything around it seems like it’s driven toward keeping you down? Would you have faith in seeds that have been planted in a cold environment? If your answer is yes than your like me, but how would you convince someone of your point of view when the normalities of society paints pictures in such a way that everything is obvious. Wanna make money? You work for it. Want to grow a flower? Plant a seed in a sunny, environment with grass, & lots of water. How would you convince someone of your point of view which is completely contrary to popular opinion? Would you exchange in a back and forth dialogue or keep them guessing? Point is, when your put in circumstances that you have no control over it’s up to you and your decisions to pave a way for yourself even if all odds are against You. Odds including popular opinion. No different than a flower growing through concrete, or a person in poverty becoming rich. The answer to any question starts with your mind. If you choose to keep people guessing than it shows you have no concern for their opinion, in some cases that’s great especially in a society that thrives off of validation, But it’ll be up to you and only you to distinguish the people to keep guessing and the ones to not. When you’ve given someone your true self without keeping them guessing because you’ve deemed them worthy & you get no reciprocal response, Where would you draw the line? Your answer to that is a reflection of either a weakness or a strength.

Neither to pout or brag over just to reflect and make the appropriate changes or adjustments. So when you’re faced with the realization that it’s you and you alone that is in control & when you try your very best and give nothing less to yourself as far as your own individual discipline, education, & strength mentally, physically & emotionally Is when you’ve made it to the other side. Faith in you & your spirit is what will allow you to persevere against all odds. Congratulations you‘re officially playing “The long game.”

-Until we meet again

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