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The stretch of time/Bx39

The mta never fails. I mean most know that NYC has some of, if not the best transit system in the world. You can travel the whole city without having a car. For the most part reliable service with guaranteed arrival. But today has not been the best day as far as the mta is concerned. Great winter day today, with not to much wind, or muggy air, and not lacking of a warm breeze. I wait for the bus which is something I rarely ever do any more(Usually I travel by car or take the train) and minute after minute, Car after car, bird after bird, song after song blasting through my jbl speaker, I find myself still here. Plenty of people have walked past by now, older women, younger men, the teens, just about every kind of person you could think of in the inner city. Thinking of lessons while seeing plenty of expressions as different buses pass by with hope that it's the BX39. People that have waited just as long as me and the eager faces of the ones who just arrive. Slowly fading every 10-12 minutes. It's been about two and a half hours and there it is. Approaching, Never have I waited this long before. In observation, The people just arriving to the bus stop... If only they knew how long we waited.

-Until we meet again.

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