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Time To Heal

Updated: Nov 18

We all know all wounds don't completely disappear after the damage has been done. Depending on the level of trauma plenty of wounds turn into scars, But not just internally but externally. Question is, Are the scars a representation of pain no longer felt? Or would you still need time to heal? Questions from a young methodical deep thinker whose more driven toward the subconscious feelings rather than the conscious. Subconscious is in some ways proportional to your instincts, your "Sixth sense" or as some would say your "Third eye." Sometimes I wonder if the pain that I go through physically, emotionally, & mentally is meant for me to learn or suffer. Maybe suffering is the way to learn. I mean you know what they say, "The bigger you are the harder you fall," But sometimes I can't help but think to myself & ask, "Why have I been chosen to have the keen ability to be able to see?" I know your probably thinking... Of course you can see your not blind right? No i'm not blind I can see pretty well actually, and I don't mean "See" as in possessing eyes and can see myself as I tie my shoelaces, Or can see my friend Carlos as he pulls up in his 2018 ride with a smile smoking a joint. “SEE” as in EYES WIDE OPEN. One thing i've noticed in this thing called life is that a majority of people have the ability to be able to see but are they really seeing something for what it is? Or is it filtered through their traumas, Pre-judgements, Mental illness, Bias tradition and the list goes on.

One thing about being able to actually SEE is that you can see yourself just as much as you can SEE other people, You check yourself when needed, You try your best to understand other people's circumstances and evaluate & consider the facts that are even different from your own. Your chosen. No I don't mean that like what they call a "Chosen one" like by god or anything, I mean chosen like chosen by other people to talk to, Confide in, To provide a safe shoulder to lean on. But what happens when the deep, Passionate, Sensitive, And intuitive person isn't being heard,? In fact the person they're trying to speak to completely dismisses their point of view because they're ignorant & incapable of embracing anything other than their own perspective. What if that same exact person is someone they love? How is an intuitive intelligent person supposed to tolerate being treated like much less than what they're worth? Is it time to go or time to grow? Would those open wounds turn to scars and be a representation of pain no longer felt? Or would you still need time to heal?.... -Until we meet again.

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